At Pet Country, not only do we believe that your pets' food should be healthy, but that your pets' treats should be just as healthy too! That is why we created a fantastic selection of treats that have qualities that include:

  • Completely grain-free,
  • Containing human-grade ingredients
  • Unique proteins for dogs and cats with allergies (e.g. Ostrich, Gator, Goat, Buffalo, Bison, Duck, Venison, Lobster, Rabbit)
  • Made In USA or New Zealand (Yes, even our Chicken Strips!) In fact, nothing edible in the store is from China!
  • Organic human-grade cookies
  • We can even order personalized birthday cakes for your pups special day!

Our treat brands include:

Aunt Jeni's, Addiction Meaty Bites, Bingo Tripe Bones, Dr. Becker Bites, Bravo, Buffalo Ears, Bully Curls (Flossies, Odor Free), Bully Sticks (Odor Free), Bubba Rose Biscuit Company, Canine Caviar Buffalo Treats and Sweet Potato Chews, Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes, Chumash Bison Chips, Deer Antlers, EVO, Fish Sticks, Fresh is Best, Grandma Lucy's, Great Life Dr. Woofers, Grizzly Salmon Steaks, Healthy Partner, Nutri Source, Plato, Primal, Purebites, Pure Vita, Smart Dog Jerky, Sojos, Sow Ears, Terrabone, Tripett Tripe Treats, Zero G, ZiwiPeak, Zukes